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I sanded well all around the edges to take away some of the sharpness and give the wood a softer appearance. Your writing style is without a doubt articulate, crisp, eloquent and fluent. I used different sized drill bits to add some holes to the wood. And as always, if you loved this tutorial, please visit me ove on my blog: and Pin It to share with your friends! Message us prior to ordering for current stock and options! Next, it was on to the base of my desk – the file cabinets. First, I tried diluting the stain with lacquer thinner that I had on hand using a 1:1 ratio of stain and thinner. ? United Nuclear Europium UltraGlow Powder - AQUA - Second in brightness to green is our aqua glow powder. Each board is 3/4″ thick, so Greg used 1 1/4″ wood screws drilled into the underside of the bottom board to join the two boards. These file cabinets aren’t wood and they aren’t metal. BIG difference! 3 AND 4 – ADD LEGS AND PAINT THE FILE CABINETS. More to come on that in the next few weeks. I’m starting to feel the pressure! And now, it’s time to announce this week’s HOMPOW (Home Office Makeover Prize of the Week) winner. Place your file cabinets on opposite ends of your wall space. This tutorial has been a long time coming! Your choice of blue was perfect. Absolutely, I would welcome guest writers. File cabinet desk image courtesy of If you’ve been following the series, you know that there is a $500 budget for the entire makeover. This is what it looked like after one coat. So we chose 4 brackets instead, with two brackets straddling the middle of the wall, and two on either end on the inside of each file cabinet. There were a few other purchases at The Home Depot, including paint and stain (complete list at the end). I loved how you were able to use a tone and voice that allows to imagine everything you were narrating. It’s the grey woods pee and stick wallpaper from wallpops. Build it! I didn’t want to move the whole operation to the garage. I think hard is relative depending on your experience with projects like this, but no, I did not find this to be a difficult project. Great job and I like the contrasting brackets. I wanted it to look old and weathered, so I chose these tools of destruction to start the job. You know, blue was the furthest thought from my mind until a couple of days ago and now I LOVE it. Repeat until all of your brackets have been screwed into both boards.14. These Amazing Vase Ideas Will Blow Your Guests Away! This didn’t really bother me because I was more or less experimenting at this point. Let's Build! Inspiration for Kitchen Epoxy Countertops and How-to Videos. I was hoping this would make it go on less “paint like” . How many screws did you use? I ordered 2 kits for a total of $15.98 and couldn’t have been happier with them! I have a Space Jam drop cloth too. See more ideas about diy furniture, desk, diy desk. Continuing with The Magnolia Story color scheme… what last color was missing? I turned to my OfferUp app to find file cabinets, and it didn’t let me down. Lay your two stained and sealed wood boards out on top of your cabinets (if you purchase these exact cabinets, there will be about 2″ of space behind your cabinets if you make the front of the desk flush with the front of your cabinets; don’t worry about this – it’s not noticable and is a great place to hide cords). Check out my desk that was built with stock cabinets to see how it was done! That’s the fun of DIY projects – if something doesn’t go as planned or you make a mistake, it gives you a chance to get creative and learn something new! Good golly, I’m in love with this paint!! We made it out out of two file cabinets, two pieces of wood, and some brackets!HOW TO:1. Maybe you Jedi mind tricked me?? Drill a pilot hole for each hole.9. Sorry to hear about your problems with hackers! After deciding on blue paint for the file cabinets, another thought hit me. And here are the bottoms of the file cabinets with the mounting plates attached. So in the photos where the screws are going in, that’s the underside of the desktop that you see. I anticipate that this will be one of the easier (and cheaper) projects, and I’m not too upset about it! As with last week, I’ll skip the cost breakdown in this post. It dried REALLY fast, soaking right in to the wood.

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