shure super 55 microphone

But enough of western rappers being surprisingly proficient, that’s no fun, back to k-pop stars failing. Guilty of not knowing what the fuck she’s doing and making it up as she goes along, it seems. You do have to get close to it for the sound to pickup but I suppose that is the design. This mic has been in production for more than 70 years the company has done something right with it. Of course, most k-pop fans believe that their bias COULD NEVER BE LIKE THAT and is THE BEST EVAAAR AND KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT MUSIC, so I thought that even though I personally have no vested interest in this topic whatsoever, it would be interesting to devise a test to set the record straight and see how much they really do know. Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, which puts them in the perfect position to help you with everything from your choice of instruments to maintenance and repair issues. With the help of the presence boost feature of this microphone, your voice will cut right through the mix and sit on top of it. However, your purchase of this mic comes with a bag. Even better, I thought, if this test didn’t require any knowledge of actual music production or vocal skill on the part of  the tester or even any listening to the songs and anybody with access to a computer could do it in an instant. Hi, I'm the owner of the Hifi Guide and have been an audio lover enthusiast for over 16 years. As the effect, the mic will punish off-axis singing more severely, but is able to provide superior isolation of the main sound source from noise. Let’s take a look at a few random samples that I dug up in about ten minutes of searching, and see how our favourite k-pop idols fare on the vocal scale. However, the mic’s bass response is a lot smoother and you will notice it to be more controlled. You will also have to direct your mic properly towards the sound shore and understand how the rear lobe and cone of silence work. Shure is the leading manufacturer of live stage microphones in the world and the Super 55 Deluxe is a rechassied version of their popular SM58 vocal microphone (seen on literally every live stage everywhere) with a retro design and a supercardioid response pattern that when superimposed on the microphone looks something like this: There is hope. Shop for the Shure Super 55 Dynamic Microphone and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. All of it is primarily for my own personal amusement, although if you like it too, that’s fantastic and I love you. Knowing this vital information will enable you to make a better choice when you are going to position your Super 55 in front of an instrument. They all look pretty but those girls still can’t learn how to hold the fucking microphone (except boram because she can’t reach it… sorry not sorry) But still I love them, hilarious post btw. Well, every microphone has a response pattern. But you will also have to keep in mind the rear lobe is typically different across the frequency response of Super 55. When you compare it with a cardioid polar pattern you will see an increased directionality over the standard pattern. I have been using a Shure SM58 for a long time and this Microphone "Shure Super 55 Deluxe" is far superior in sound quality. Feels like your singing into a modern shure SM58 but with the classic, cool look. The Shure Super 55 features a super-cardioid capsule that functions the best when you have your stage monitors positioned slightly towards one side. So you can use it for recording nearby. Maybe no one cares about Juniel’s face. Shure Super 55 Deluxe Review (The Elvis Mic). Now that’s absolutely perfect microphone positioning – if the sound was coming out of her left tit. Win anything from speakers, headphones and soundbars, no catch! Don’t thank me all at once, now.). Yes, I know, maybe I’m taking this too serious now, and yes, I am biased, but the description of Yesung as a “model, not a singer” was just too much for me to take. And on and on it goes. Yeah pretty much every single k-pop video released gets it wrong, I can think of many other examples just over the last few months. If the biggest label in k-pop (well, not really – but that’s a subject for another blog) couldn’t be fucked telling their highest-earning stars how to use the tools of their own trade, you can imagine how much more all the other labels suck at it.

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